But I’m Not a Runner–Part 2

Not too long ago I wrote about the start of my journey as a runner. (you can find it here)
I came from a place of always wanting to be a runner, but never having any success with it.
In fact, I despised running.
But after attending Boot Camp, I began to find my running legs, and to secretly hope again that I would one day become a runner.
My excitement was so strong that I signed up for my first race and ran it.
I finished, but for various reasons, it set my dreams of becoming a runner back.
Way back. (you can read about it here)
I was back in the place where I began: believing I wasn’t a runner.
I found comfort by telling myself that I didn’t have to run, not everyone is cut out to run, that it might not even be good for me.
Even though, in my heart of hearts, I still really wanted to run, but I was just afraid to try.
You know what I’ve learned?
Whatever I tell myself I’ll do, can’t or can, will come true.

The run I really wanted to try is the half marathon.
And I had lots of reasons why I was scared to try it.
“What if I don’t finish? What if I get a bad time? What if I have to walk? What if I get injured again? What if I can’t do it”
My Boot Camp friend, Jocelyn, took each one of my fears and put them in perspective, and ultimately I came to an understanding.
Running my first half marathon isn’t about me and anyone else.
It’s just about me: challenging myself, pushing myself, and doing the thing that I think I cannot do, but have always wanted to.
It’s about me blooming.


Last Saturday I started training.
Another Boot Camp buddy, Susan, offered to train with me, find me training schedules, and preparatory races to run.
She basically left no way out for me.
How could I say no to all that?
Our first run was five miles.
And I was shocked.
Because, to me, five miles is a lot.
And at the end of it, I felt like I could have run more.
It was such a nice surprise.
It was also such a relief.
There was a time when I could not have run five miles.
But now I can.
And it made me believe that I if I can run five miles, I can run 13.1.
Whatever I tell myself I’ll do, can’t or can, will come true.
I can do this!


To all my Boot Camp and other running friends who have encouraged me, and believed in me when I didn’t believe in myself, thank you.
I am so excited to see this dream I’ve been afraid to chase come true.
“You must do the thing you think you cannot do.”
I guess its time I start calling myself a runner.
Keep on Living Fit!