Boot Camper Highlight: The J Team


What gets you to Boot Camp when you’d rather sleep in?
What makes you push yourself, up your weights, or run just a little faster up that hill?
What keeps you coming back when you are sore, or feeling like you can’t do one more burpee?
What inspires you to try something you never have before?
If you are lucky, you have a group of friends who help you with all those things.
If you are lucky, you have a team.

I’ve written before about the power of having a Boot Camp support system.
When you have friends that are willing to give you a 5 am wake up text, or hold you accountable to get to class when you might otherwise skip, it can make all the difference.
It can, in fact, push you to do things you never, ever, thought you could.
Like running The Hill twice in one day.
Meet the J Team.
Jen, Jocelyn and Julie started out as “The Extra Mile Club”.
After bleachers on Wednesday, they began running an extra mile around the track, because Jen was always looking to add to her workout.
She found support in these ladies, and they became her team.
Even when one of them didn’t feel like running that extra mile, knowing the rest of the EMC was there and ready to run was the motivation needed to get back on the track and go.
It’s the kind of peer pressure that brings about good results instead of bad.

Over time, the Extra Mile Club found themselves running The Hill together most Friday nights.
They push each other on those runs and support each other.
And after a few of those Friday night happy hours, they became the J Team.
All that extra running has paid off for Jen, as she ran father than she ever has in this year’s Conquer the Bridge race.
And the 3 of them encouraged each other to take on the challenge given out by Trainer Timmie, of doing 100 burpees every day.
That’s when they added another name to their list, The Extra Burpee Club.
But one of their biggest achievements was the day they ran Signal Hill, twice.
At 5:30 am and then again at 6 pm–even though some members of the team were not entirely willing.
Positive peer pressure and support won out, and in the end, they were so happy they did it.
What so many people would view as pain, has become pleasure to them because they do it together.
Workouts are so much more fun when you do them with friends!


So now’s the time to ask yourself, “who’s on my team?”
If you workout with the same people in class, make sure you know their name.
Workout next to people who push you to run faster, do more bicep curls and more mountain climbers.
Tell them you’ll be in class tomorrow so you know they are counting on you.
You can get really bold and ask for their number.
Or just friend them on Facebook first.
We Long Beach Boot Campers work out with a fantastic group of really supportive people, and every single one of us needs to take advantage of that.
We all workout at our own pace, but we are still part of a team.
Be consistent, and before you know it, you’ll be running with your own J Team!

Now go on and make your team happen people!
I’d love to do a feature on the other teams I know are part of the Long Beach Boot Camp family.
And on the new ones that are being made right now.
Tell me who you are please!
And, as always,  keep on Living Fit!