Boot Camp Surf School

Come and get your surf “stoke”!
Boot Camp Surfing Lessons

Learn how to stand up and catch your 1st wave or become better at catching your 101st wave!

Shannon Paul will take you out in the water and teach you all the basics of surfing. Learn how to paddle out, have control of your board, feel safe in the water and most importantly have fun riding waves! Surfing is a beautiful sport and past time. Learn how to bring surfing into your life & feel confident doing it.

If your “friend” has ever taught you how to surf, you will really appreciate these lessons.

  • No more getting “pummeled” by the waves and feeling frustrated.
  • Feel safe and in control of your surf session.
  • Stand on the board and ride one to shore!

Call 562.343.5230 to Register

What can I expect?

  • You will have group and one-on-one lessons.
  • Learn good habits and un-do bad ones.
  • Learn how to have fun, expend less energy and have the time of your life.

We will go over:

  • Sand Training
  • Paddling
  • Strength training for surfing
  • Pop up training
  • Duck diving
  • Turtle rolls
  • Water safety
  • & much more


  • Sign up to secure location. Location determined by surf report for safety and fun. Usually near Sunset or Huntington Beach.

When: Arrive at 6:45am

  • Lessons are from 7:00am – 9:00am
  • 9:30am grab “breakie” across the street with your new surf buddies.

What to Bring:

  • Wear bathing suit/swim trunks.
  • Bring a towel and some water.
  • Make sure to eat a little something before you get there.
  • Sunscreen
  • Cash for breakfast afterwards.

How Much:

  • 1 person $100
  • 2 people $60 per person ($120)
  • 4 people $50 per person ($200)*
    (4 people max per instructor)
  • *We can build a group for you based on availability. If you do not have a group of 4, you will be charged the 2 person or 1 person price)


  • Must Register for Surf Lessons 2 days prior to event to secure rentals.
  • Rentals must be picked up the day prior by 6:30pm.
  • Once registered, we will call to discuss rentals.
Surfboard* $25/day paid to rental company
Wetsuit* $15/day paid to rental company
*Bring your own or borrow from a friend = Free

Call Now to Register 562.343.5230