Be A Hill Seeker


You’ve probably heard this quote before.
But I think it’s worth revisiting.
Especially as we close out this year and look forward to the next.

I first heard this quote from Long Beach Running Boot Camp’s Armando Hart.
We were preparing to run the hill when he shared it with us.
I was struck by the truth in the words and meditated on them as I ran.

Since that day, this quote comes back to me often.
It’s true for me in regards to fitness, but also in my day to day life.
When I think about the times I have grown the most, it hasn’t been when things are easy.
The growth has come when I have been pushed hard.
When there have been tears, a sore heart, emotions stretched thin, and all of me giving it all that I can.
And during those times, I haven’t always raised my hands in triumph and exultation.
Sometimes I felt like I could hardly keep moving forward, let alone do it with strength and power.
But I did keep moving.
And when I came out on the other side, I felt strong, and so glad for those hills I climbed.

As I look back on this past year in fitness, I see a fair bit of hills, but also some flat land.
I trained for and ran a half marathon.
That was by far the biggest hill I’ve ever climbed.  (even though it was a flat course–thank goodness!)
But in the months following, I have been sticking to some pretty flat ground.
Recovering from injury and wary of injuring myself again, I haven’t been pushing myself very hard.
But I’m getting anxious to get out there on the hills again.
Whether that means I’m literally running the hill, or just pushing myself harder than ever in my workouts, nutrition and a fit life style, I’m looking forward to new challenges.

How about you?
Take a moment to think about the hills you’ve conquered this year.
Rejoice n those victories.
Share them on the Long Beach Boot Camp Facebook page.
Let your fellow campers celebrate with you.

Now think to the new year ahead.
What are the hills you plan to seek out and conquer in 2015?
Your first 5K?
A half marathon?
Making it to class 5 days a week?
Upping your weights?
Coming back from an injury?
What hill will you seek?
There are so many ways we can prove ourselves to be strong, and then run with arms up in victory as we cruise down the other side.
I’m excited to see what we camper do this year!
I hope you are too.

Wishing you all a very happy and fit New Year!
Keep on Living Fit!