Accountability in the New Year

To stay on track, there are a lot of “tasks” that we can do that are performance based, something that you must do or complete, like creating a chart and filling it out with what you’ve done in a day.  These are good, and I’ll list some at the end, however in order to change behaviors and habits, try starting with an identity-based goal.  For example, whether you want to lose 10 pounds or 100 pounds, instead of keeping a chart or a food journal (very task-y), be the person that moves every day, or be the person that eats clean every day. Once you work on this identity, then it will be much easier to perform.  If you are already “that person” and performing, then go on to tracking the actions you take to reach your specific goals.

Several of our boot campers have already embodied a healthy lifestyle.  (Yay!!) In which case here are some ways to hold fast to it! (I chose my favorites from the list here
  • Pick a specific person and tell them your goal.  Have the class name some people (either with specific names, a brother, partner, best friend, etc)

Schedule “accountability” check-ins with them

  • Blast yourself on social media!
  • Keep a food journal and share it!  We could all write down that we went off track, but now that we have to show it to someone… 
  •  Join like-minded support groups, organizations, or get a buddy to do the same with you.  It’s often harder to do something difficult alone, and if you have someone with you, offering support them too could feel just as good!
  • Sign up for a race.  This is likely to keep you motivated to train because you want to complete the race, or beat your PR, or say that you did something you thought you never would!
  • Give it a rest (for a day)! Give yourself some space to take a break and recoup, or just relax, some goals are just super hard!  Refresh, but make sure you set a time to get back to it!
  • Prepare for success.  Don’t count on yourself to be good when the time comes.  Prepare your meals and plan which workouts you’re going to go to.