10 Steps to Becoming a Runner

Running is a sport, an activity, a form of exercise that we often feel we can just go out and do without any plan, any direction and/or any proper training.  However, this is not the case.  Many ignore that there are steps to becoming a runner and consequently many who try and run get injured.  Then you are left with ex- runners who were perhaps just 10 steps away from incorporating an incredibly life-altering daily activity because they simply did not start and advance properly.

10 Steps to Becoming a Runner

1. Get fitted for the proper pair of running shoes for you!

2.  Start slow and easy, whatever that may mean to you.  For example, walking 30 minutes every other day for 2 weeks and then incorporating 2 mins of jogging every 5 mins for the next 2 weeks and so on until you are jogging the entire 30 minutes.

3.  Work at a sustainable level by monitoring your heart rate.

4.  Emphasize the warm up.  Always warm up and cool down with proper pertinent stretching and foam rolling.

5.  Learn and train with proper running form – remember this changes based on your terrain.

6.  Add a little at a time in regard to mileage and or pace and or overall time.  With anything that you are trying to improve a good rule of thumb is to increase by no more than 10% every week.

7.  Follow a running specific nutrition program.

8.  Cross Train!  Lower the impact by strengthening the muscles in your body used during running.

9.  Have realistic expectations.  Build up to a healthy level of exercise.

10. Be diligent about prehab and rehab which requires you to listen to your body!

To learn more and get more details regarding the steps listed above please join me this Saturday for a Running Workshop.  This Saturday at 10:15am at Wilson High School in Long Beach, CA.   If you have ANY INTEREST in becoming a runner and/or becoming a better runner than this is the workshop for you!

I hope to see you Saturday!
– Coach Timmie