What Can I Expect?

Expect to be proud of yourself and feel fantastic after each workout! You’ve earned every bit of those wonderful endorphins!

Expect to get comfortable with feeling uncomfortable. After all, we wouldn’t be getting more fit if we stayed within our comfort zone! We push to reach new limits, and you will be inspired to do so in a group of supportive and positive individuals all doing their best.

Expect to:

Lose 5-20 lbs
Reduce body fat by 3-5%
Decrease midsection by 1-3 inches
Drop 1-2 pant sizes
Increase strength & endurance by 30-45%
See a dramatic increase in your physical well-being & self-confidence
Motivate & become inspired in your new team environment
Greatly improve your posture
Breakdown personal barriers & limitations
Choose Co-Ed or Women’s classes, 40+ classes a week!
Enjoy flexible class times
Hold yourself accountable
Exceed your own expectations
Learn about nutrition
Schedule your Pre and post-evaluations to help you monitor your progress (Value $120)
Wear your FREE Long Beach Boot Camp t-shirt (once you complete your 1st camp)

Expect to get exactly what YOU want out of your program. You will gain exactly what you put in! Come join us.

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