• Fighting The Holiday Work Out Blues

    Posted on December 3, 2015 by in Inside Out, Uncategorized


    Do you ever get the work out blues this time of year?
    While the holidays are filled with cheer and time spent with family and good friends, they are also filled with lots of treats to eat, and a busier than usual schedule.
    For me that means I’m eating those extra treats and finding it hard to fit in workouts. Pretty soon it’s getting harder to fit into my jeans!
    December has only just begun, but I’m already feeling those workout blues. I’m a big way.
    You see, my extra busy schedule actually began last month. Between a family vacation and work travel for both my husband and I, my workout schedule slipped big time.
    There was also vacation eating, and stress eating while my husband was gone and I was home alone 24/7 with our 4 wonderful kids, and then there was travel food for me. I haven’t worked out for ages, and I haven’t been eating the best either.
    Right on the heels of my great success with my Whole 30 eating plan, and super consistent workouts, I feel like I’ve fallen flat on my face.
    Perhaps you can relate?
    The thing is, there really isn’t anything to do but get back up and get back to it.
    There isn’t any magic recipe or formula. Sometimes fitness is just plain old hard work.
    So if you find yourself slipping this holiday season, get back up the next day, and get back to work. Every day is another chance to start fresh.
    And know that you aren’t alone in this. I’m right there with you. And probably lots of other boot campers are too!
    And on those days, when we really don’t feel like working out, let’s remember this:
    Now keep on Living Fit!