BOGA (Boot Camp + Yoga)

What is Boga?

Boga is a fusion of boot camp and yoga. Shannon Paul & Kim Purdy have developed this class to bring the flexibility, focus and strength of Yoga in the Boot Camp style of class. This class will help you slow down in our fast paced society. Not to worry, this class will still have the intensity of any other boot camp workout, just in a different manner. Expect to be challenged in new ways.

What can I expect from this class?

Beginners, intermediate and advanced will love this class. Boga will challenge your mind, body, balance and flexibility. Expect to breathe, focus and sweat! We will take you through Yoga “flow” (connecting breath to movement) while adding weights, bands, boot camp rhythm & of course music to your workout.

How long is the class?

Boga is a one hour class. Please check our Live Class Schedule for times.

Is Boga only offered on Fridays?

Yes, as of now we offer Boga on Fridays.
Please email us with other days and times you would like to have Boga offered.

I have never done Yoga is this class for me?

Absolutely! Progress takes patience. Give yourself permission to not know all the moves right away. Our instructors will make class easy to follow and keep up with, while providing a challenging workout for your body.

Is Boga good for people with injuries?

Boga is great for people with injuries. The movements are focused on strengthening the joints, and the small (intrinsic) muscles and keep you away from injury. This class will provide stability to the muscular and skeletal system. Kim Purdy, our instructor will always know what your body needs.

How much is Boga?

Boga is part of your Boot Camp registration/membership. So come and enjoy. If you are not a current boot camper and would like to drop in, your first class is on us! If you are not currently registered, you are welcome to also donate what you feel is fair. Feel free to bring your friends to class with you.

NOW offering Boga Therapy!

Boga Therapy: One-on-one sessions with your favorite Boga instructor. If you ever wanted to get into that headstand / crow, or you wanted that extra attention on your form, now you can have it! Introducing Boga Therapy. Your Boga instructor can come to your or you can meet in our favorite park/beach and enjoy the scenery to help guide you to your next level of balanced fitness! I love this, what is the pricing?

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