Track Nutrition and lose TWICE as much weight!

Because we can’t be with you 24 hours a day, we ask that you track your food for best results.

• Stay accountable to yourself
• See your patterns
• Allow trainers or other professionals to see what you could be doing differently

Research shows that keeping a journal of food and drink consumed helped people LOSE 2X the amount of weight as those who didn’t write it down. Learn More Personal accountability & awareness are key.


Jo Hendrix – Username: hendi888
Sami Reed – Username: samireed
Shannon Paul – Username: shannonpaul1

I love tracking with and I use their free app on my phone to scan in items and add saved meals & snacks. Being consistent really pays off! Try planning 3 days in advance and using it to make a grocery list. I enjoy encouraging my friends and family too – we are “friends” & can give access to view our diary which gives amazing accountability. Privacy settings are optional, so you can share what you want to share.