Your Body is Like a Sports Car

Your body is like a sports car, a well-oiled machine. Well, unless we don’t take care of it. There are three ways to make sure that your sports car runs at optimal performance:
1. Training 2. Fueling 3. Hydrating

1. Training
All great athletes have a trainer or a coach to help guide them to success. To increase your personal performance you will need a plan, a training regime to get you to your goal. To run a marathon, a triathlon, to gain muscle mass or to lose body fat, a plan must be in place. Find your plan by joining a group of like-minded people and follow along with their training plan. Stick to this plan until you reach your goal. There will be times when you want to stop, but consistency will be the factor between amazing performance and mediocre performance.

2. Fueling 
To increase your performance you have to give your body the right type of fuel. Fuel can make or break a race! Whether competing with yourself or others, the proper fuel will get you closer to your goals. Try eating more “clean” foods. Choose less packaged food and more natural foods like fruits, vegetables, lean proteins (skinless chicken/turkey breast instead of processed deli meats). Organic is a better choice to help reduce the amount of hormones and antibiotics we are consuming. When choosing bagged food, look for fewer ingredients on the label. Choose an orange over orange juice to help cut down calories and sugar and increase fiber in your diet. The cleaner you eat the easier it is to perform at an optimal level. Remember a sports car needs the highest octane available.

3. Hydrating
Most of us tend to be under-hydrated or just simply dehydrated. Make sure to keep a water bottle close by during the day and take 4-5 big sips during your workout about every 15 minutes or so to stay hydrated. We should be consuming close to 2.5 liters of water each day (plus or minus depending on your height/weight and even more if you are training hard). To check if you are dehydrated, check the color of your urine. If it is bright yellow, dehydration is apparent. Your goal is pale yellow.
Once you treat your body like a sports car, your body will behave like a sports car. macau . Your body only performs based on what you put in it and how you treat it.

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