Workout "30/15" (Bodyweight)

Here is a simple full body workout that will take no more than 15 min of your time. No equipment needed, your body weight will be your own resistance.  just get started and you will be done before you even notice.

    1. 30 jumping jacks
    2. 15 pushups
    3. 30 squat pulses
    4. 15 alternating power lunges
    5. 30p mountain climbers
    6. 15 situps
    7. 30s low plank hold (on elbows)
    8. 15 supermans (on belly)


    "p" next to a number stands for pairs (15 lunges per leg) 
    "alt"  means alternating (switch leg each time) 
    "s" stands for seconds

    Modify what you need to modify (knee pushups, step out lunges, crunches, etc.)

    Have fun with it, LBBC fam! Post in comments or on Facebook if you did it. Photos most welcome!




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