Functional Training

Why Functional Training?

We have been in fitness for over 20 years and understand that to keep the body healthy and have the best quality of life we have to find a relationship between strength, flexibility, balance and 3 dimensional movement. The industry as a whole is also moving to functional training to help prevent injury and create better movers.

Long Beach Boot Camp now focuses on functional exercises that are multi-joint, multi-muscle and multidimensional vs training one joint, muscle or dimension at a time which increase strength, flexibility, balance and others while lowering your chance of injury. Our instructors are all certified personal trainers with a love of functional training and helping you achieve your goals.

What can I expect to achieve?

  • Strength/Flexibility:¬†There is a very important relationship between strength and flexibility, which is, they balance each other. If we have too much of one component we are either too strong and limit range of motion or are too flexible and don’t have the strength to keep our body stable. Our classes are designed to focus on both strength and flexibility.
  • Balance/Stability: We will progress you from a stable environment (two legs, two hands) to an unstable environment (one leg, one arm) or to an unstable surface which will all increase your over all balance, stability and coordination.
  • Spine Health: Our integrated (total body), progressive program is designed to help your spine move more freely as it was designed to do.
  • Core Strength:¬†Exercises in class will activate your core, stabilize your spine and help correct posture. These positions mimic your daily tasks/activities so that you are strong throughout the movement and can do them without injury.
  • Posture: will naturally improve as we correct poor posture and muscular imbalances in class by focusing on ideal movements.
  • Power
  • Weight loss: Is a great by product of having fun and working out consistently.
  • Injury prevention: Understanding how the body progresses from one movement to the next is our specialty. Feel confident that you are getting a balanced, intentionally workout from our trainers that help restore your body to it’s original blue print.
  • Better movement: Your body will naturally move better through space by reducing tightness and increasing the range of motion you have in your joints to their most optimal position.
  • Coordination: Increases by training and retraining the muscles to work together with the joints helping with overall coordination.
  • Fat Burning: Our heart pumping classes will get you sweating and keep you sweating to burn fat while building muscle.
  • Muscle Tone & Bone Density: We develop strong, lean bodies. As we build strength, we also increase the density of our bones which will help fight off osteoporosis and osteopenia
  • Sport Specific Training: Whether you are a weekend warrior, yogi, fitness class hopper, golfer, swimmer, runner, gym goer or other our classes are designed to get and keep you strong for your type of training. Functional Training enhances the connection between your musculoskeletal system and nervous system to allow for powerful, quick, reactive movement patterns without injury so you can handle whatever life throws at you.

Are You Still Boot Camp?

We are still Long Beach Boot Camp or more commonly known as LBBC, we have just evolved to keep up with research and proven techniques to help you get to your goals!