Fitness Bootcamps

Small Group Training Sessions by Long Beach Boot Camp

More than just a “fitness class”

Our small group training sessions are designed to offer you a unique experience each time you attend. We call them “sessions”, not “classes”, to distinguish between a typical gym/fitness club offering and what our trainers @  Long Beach Boot Camp provide. Although BOOT CAMP is our name, we believe in “go at your own pace” approach. Make no mistake, we will challenge you and motivate you to work hard but there will be no yelling or intimidation.

Each session is led by a Certified Personal Trainer (one notch higher than a Group Fitness Instructor) who has extensive knowledge of the human anatomy thus have a better understanding of how it moves and how to make it move better. Our trainers assess your current physical condition and provide modifications based on YOUR fitness level, physical limitations, injury/ies, any pre-existing conditions and fitness goals. Please make sure you discuss those with your trainer(s) especially if you’re new to bootcamp.

The small group setting allows us to spend more time with each member: to check on your form & technique and to challenge you appropriately. You will not be anonymous, we care about you, your physical condition (& mental too), your progress and your overall health and well-being.

All sessions are 1 hour long and are hosted outdoors (rain or shine) to enjoy the beautiful scenery: green grass, ocean breeze, blue sky, palm trees in the background and more. You will NOT want to go back to the gym once you start bootcamp with us.

And the most important part: Our bootcamps are FUN because we believe that fitness should be fun! Whether you are in your 20s or 60s, we make sure that you have a good time. Don’t be surprised if we start with a warm-up game of some sort or do a team relay!


Come & see how!

Variety is the key. Here is what we offer:

Athletic Intervals

Come join us for some heart-pumping, sweat-breaking athletic intervals. This outdoor High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) will challenge you and push you to your limits. Not sure if you can handle it? Our trainers prepare modifications for all fitness levels to ensure that everyone can participate. This sessions is recommended for those who want to add some intensity to their workout routine. 


Our signature workout. Join us for a FUN, all-levels, full-body training. BootCamp sessions incorporate all available structures present in the parks (benches, picnic tables, trees, rocks, etc.). Some sessions may also incorporate equipment (battle ropes, kettle bells, steps/benches, resistance bands, medicine balls, agility ladders, etc.) and some may use minimal equipment (dumbbells) and your own body (calisthenics).
You’re not “too old” or to “unfit” to do this. We provide a safe and welcoming environment to EVERYONE no matter where you currently are “fitness-wise”. Our trainers suggest modifications and different intensity based on YOUR fitness level and any pre-existing conditions or injuries you may have.

Circuit Training

Great session that incorporates equipment, an active warm-up and a stretch. You will be moving through several “stations” equipped with battle ropes, kettlebells, steps/benches, slam/medicine balls, sand bags, core bags, agility ladders and more depending on what the trainer(s) have prepared for you that day/week.

Our circuit training is a full-body, all fitness levels, 60-minute workout with varying intensity.

You’re not “too old” or “too un-fit” to train with us. We provide a safe and welcoming environment to EVERYONE no matter where you currently are “fitness-wise”. Our trainers suggest modifications and different intensity based on YOUR fitness level and any pre-existing conditions or injuries you may have.

Functional Training

Join us for a full body workout with elements of cardiovascular and resistance training that are designed to help you with daily life activities (hence the name ‘functional’). The exercises that you will perform mimic what you do in a real-life setting (bending, lifting, pushing, pulling, rotating, etc.).
Functional Training is 60 minutes long, includes a 10-15 warm-up and ends with a stretch that includes elements of yoga to restore balance to your body.

Hill Workout “Friday RunDay”

Join us for a jog/run/power walk in Signal Hill. You DO NOT need to be a seasoned runner to join us. The trainer designates routes (longer for fast runners; shorter for slower ones) and leapfrogs you setting up several break/water stations along the route.
Each Friday focuses on a different challenge:
1st Friday of the month: FOCUS: Timed Laps – track progress (the trainer will time your run and record your progress)
2nd Friday: FOCUS: Stairs and Hills – more than usual
3rd Friday: FOCUS: Distance – longer routes, fewer stops
4th Friday (and 5th if there is one that month) – freestyle, more trails, explore the neighborhood

Let’s Box!

Another signature workout. Challenging, different & FUN. This is a High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) with elements of boxing & kickboxing. No boxing skills required. Minimal contact between participants. We will throw jabs, crosses, hooks, upper cuts, elbows, knee kicks and front kicks, punch dummy bags. At the end you will feel like Rocky! – filled with pride and accomplishment.

Loaner gloves are provided. Limited quantity available for purchase (while supplies last). Feel free to bring your own boxing gloves if you have any.

Semi Private Training 

Take advantage of working with a trainer without breaking a bank! Have a 5k or a half marathon coming? Or perhaps you’re coming back from an injury, surgery on in general have not worked out in a while and want to get back in shape? This is a good opportunity to get the attention you need and work on your specific goals. The session is limited to 5 participants only and the trainer will tailor the workout to your needs.  Please register in advance to secure your spot.

Check Mindbody for detailed description, trainer lineup & live schedule.

Ready to try?

Soul Fit Classes

We are proud to offer classes that target a Mind Body Spirit harmony. These classes were designed to help you find peace, balance, clarity, confidence and so much more. All Soul Fit Classes are 45 min in length.

Deep Stretch & Relaxation

After a long week of work it is time to de-stress and honor your body. This 45 min deep stretch and relaxation session will bring blood flow to your sore muscles. The aromatherapy, sound bowls and Tibetan monk singing sounds will bring peace to your mind. The session incorporates elements of yoga and meditation.

Not your regular stretch class for sure!


Meditation Classes:

Our guided meditation classes are held outdoors (summer ) and indoors (winter) to help you find peace, balance and a moment of quiet in your day.  This class combines several techniques to balance energy, de-stress the monkey mind, and enhance self-realization. Zen Meditation, guided visualizations, psychosynthesis, and motivational practices are all explored and brought together in a 45 minute experience designed to bring you closer to who you have always wanted to be. Please arrive early as doors lock at start of class. Please register your spot as space is limited to 15. Bring water, yoga mat and sit pillow.

Recuperating from a surgery or simply not interested in our Exercise Programs but want to try Meditation and Deep Stretch?

Get a Soul Fit Membership (access to all deep stretch & relaxation as well as meditation classes)

Access to Soul Fit Classes Only

Membership Options

All fitness training sessions and Soul Fit classes above can be purchased together or separately. Learn more about our all inclusive memberships and our Soul Fit memberships by following the link below.