Our outdoor small group training sessions are designed to offer you a unique experience each time you attend. Join us for 50 minutes of varying intensity, challenging sessions filled with heart pumping moves and music followed by 10 minutes of technique, form and stretching to restore balance to your body. Our trainers prepare modifications for every fitness level, physical limitation and pre-existing injuries to ensure safe and effective workouts. Sessions are 1 hour.

Variety is the key. Here is what we offer:


Functional Training

Circuit Training

Let’s Box

“Friday RunDay” Hill Workout

Deep Stretch & Relaxation

Check Mindbody for detailed description, trainer lineup & live schedule.

Soul Fit Classes

We are proud to offer classes that target a Mind Body Spirit harmony. These classes were designed to help you find peace, balance, clarity, confidence and so much more.


Meditation Classes: Our guided meditation classes are held indoors at our office to help you find peace, balance and a moment of quiet in your day.  This class combines several techniques to balance energy, de-stress the monkey mind, and enhance self-realization. Zen Meditation, guided visualizations, psychosynthesis, and motivational practices are all explored and brought together in a 45 minute experience designed to bring you closer to who you have always wanted to be. Please arrive early as doors lock at start of class. Please register your spot as space is limited to 15. Bring water, yoga mat and sit pillow. Classes are 45 minutes.

Membership Options

All training sessions and Soul Fit classes above can be purchased together or separately. Learn more about our all inclusive memberships and our Soul Fit memberships below.

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