SCHEDULE at a glance:

MARINE STADIUM (Park, Basketball/Tennis courts & Colorado St.)

Monday: 530AM, 9AM, 530PM

Tuesday: 530AM, 9AM, 6PM

Wednesday: 530AM, 9AM, 530PM

Thursday: 530AM, 9AM, 6PM

Friday: (RunDay in Signal Hill – see below)

Saturday: 8:00, 8:30am, 9:30am

Please note: our 530am sessions set up in a different place than our 9am or 530/6pm. For location details, please click below:

For any last minute session & location updates, please visit our LIVE SCHEDULE:

BIXBY KNOLLS (Los Cerritos Park)

Monday: 5:30 AM

Wednesday: 5:30 AM

Friday: 5:30 AM

ROSSMOOR (Rossmoor Park, City of Rossmoor)

Monday: 8:15 AM

Tuesday: 8:15 AM

Thursday: 8:15 AM


Once a week (on Wednesdays) we offer a meditation class.

LOCATIONS at a glance:

We host bootcamps at 3 different location:

  • Belmont Heights (Marine Stadium)
  • Bixby Knolls (Los Cerritos Park)
  • Rossmoor/Los Alamitos (Rossmoor Park)

Plus every Friday we host a “RunDay” in Signal Hill.

For details and parking instructions, please click below: