BOGA (Boot Camp + Yoga)

We understand that life can change daily and flexibility is key! You are welcome to go to any Boot Camp or BOGA class time, location or trainer in Long Beach or Orange County. Please feel free to go to the class that suits your schedule. You may want to try Boga Therapy which is our one-one-one approach to Boga (see below).

SCHEDULE – Long Beach






Our Office
4645 E. Anaheim *



* Friday’s BOGA classes are held at Wilson High
* Friday’s Boot Camp classes are held at Signal Hill
** Saturday’s Boot Camp class is at 9am at Wilson Quad.



Questions About the Schedule?

1.  Where is the Friday BOGA class held & can I attend?

BOGA is offered on Fridays in Long Beach.

Fridays 5:30am – Our Office 4645 E. Anaheim Ave, Long Beach, CA 90804

BOGA can be used as one of your classes when enrolled in any Boot Camp class. BOGA is a fusion of Boot Camp & Yoga which is included in your Boot Camp classes.

2. What is BOGA Therapy?

BOGA Therapy is one-on-one attention designed to focus on your form, balance, posture and intensity. Our focus is to help bring your body back into balance and out of pain. If your body is ready to advance to the next level, try Boga Therapy. Pricing

3. Where are the Friday Boot Camp classes held?

All Boot Camp classes are held at Signal Hill.
It is a great way to increase you intensity, increase your endurance and get an overall great workout. If you really want to see progress and change your body composition, the hill is a class you do not want to miss!

4. Where is the Saturday class?

Saturday’s Boot Camp class is held at 9:00am at the Wilson High School Quad.