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    Snacks are an opportunity to get additional foods and nutrients that may be lacking in your diet. (…)A healthy snack is made up of two or more food groups and usually has a balance of protein, carbs and fat.

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    Sugar – we all love it. Did you know that sugar is the cause of mood swings? Learn how to manage sugar cravings and what foods (except for the obvious) are packed with sugar

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    Meal planning – don’t leave it to chance what you put in your belly. Especially not when you’re hungry. It’s like going to a grocery store when hungry — you end up with buying stuff you didn’t intent to buy. So plan it! Learn how to get started and get some useful handouts that you can customize to your needs and fitness goals.

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    Did you know that people in Mediterranean countries enjoy higher fat intake (35-40% of calories) while having a lower incidence of heart disease and cancer? This article explains why. We all need fat… it matters which though. Read on

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    Protein for Weight Loss, How Much is Too Much, Learn How Much Protein is Needed for Active People. Plan Your Meal, and more. Read on Team as we enter WEEK FOUR in our 100 Days of Fitness challenge.

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  • Beachcomber’s 2018 “Best of” Contest

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    Let’s WIN it TEAM! Vote for LBBC and other LBBCampers in the 2018 Best of Contest

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    WEEK THREE in our 100 Days of Fitness Challenge. Find out what you need to know about carbs, fiber, resistant starch. Follow the resources that Lauren shared with us and find out what your daily calorie intake should be. Or better yet, reach out to Lauren who will help you figure it out!

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    What are the best ways to improve your diet? In her new article, Lauren is explaining how in a few simple steps we can improve our diets

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  • Vision Board Workshop

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    Do you want to lose weight, run a marathon, travel to Europe, buy a new home? A Vision Board is a fun way to sell these ideas… to yourself. Read more & join us on 1/27 (Saturday) in this 6 hour workshop with a nutritious lunch prepared by Erin, your host.

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    4 pillars of health: Exercise, nutrition, stress reduction and sleep.
    Make new healthy habits during your 100 Days of Fitness and maybe even break a few that are not supporting better health.

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