• *Results vary per individual.

    Posted on March 27, 2013 by in Blogs, Testimonials

    I just want to thank you for setting me up with Timmie as my trainer.  When I first started, I knew I needed to make a change, but had very little motivation.  Reaching out to you was the first big positive step I’d made for myself since my mom died a little over a year ago.

    In the beginning, I did the workouts solely because I made the commitment to Timmie.  She kept me accountable and has stayed in contact with me regularly to monitor my progress.  I basically did what she asked me to because of that commitment.

    However, I’m now starting my 6th week and I cannot believe how much progress I’ve made.  I’m getting stronger and healthier much faster than I ever imagined.  The most amazing part is that I’m starting to see positive changes in myself and not just going through the motions because I made the commitment to Timmie.  I’m starting to do it for myself as well.

    Sometimes I think Timmie is a little crazy with her workouts, but they are definitely effective!  I feel very fortunate to have her as a trainer.

    Thank you again,


    *Results vary per individual.