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Camper: tlitvac

There are a few things that I learned make a difference for me to lose weight…

1. Yes, journaling is a big deal! I committed to 100% not just the first part of the day.
2. I made…


Stress Doesn’t Have to Feel Like a 4-Letter Word

The irony about stress is that in our evolutionary development it helped to keep us alive as our “fight or flight” response. Today, however, it is a major contributing factor to what is killing us. The reason: stress has become…


Conquer The Bridge 2010

They opened the bridge to San Pedro for pedestrians and we all jumped at the chance to experience the view crossing the beautiful Vincent Thomas bridge. What a great event! Great job, ladies!


Irvine Lake Mud Run 2010

Oh, the silly muddy madness that is the Mud Run! We had a blast in our cave man outfits this year. What will we think of next?! We welcome your creative ideas!


Ch Ch Ch Changes

What changes do you notice in yourself since beginning Boot Camp? Increasing: Strength

Your core isn’t the only thing that is stronger! Your shoulders are starting to increase the sculpted look in your arms, and those biceps are budding beautifully…


Nutrition: Treat Your Body Well

Nutrition – Treat Yourself Well

by Jo Hendrix

Nutrition is THE most challenging behavior to change.

Why? Because it is such a BIG part of our lives.  Culture, family life, social scene, work environment, holidays, celebrations, pleasure, comfort, convenience, habit…


Boot Camp Holiday Party 2009

We are blessed to share our lives with people like you and love celebrating the holidays outside of our workout clothes! Thanks to all who attended for making this such a wonderful time of connection.


Belmont Shore Christmas Parade 2009

These sexy ladies strut their stuff down 2nd Street for the parade. Thanks for the help decorating and joining us to show The Shore some love!


World Run Day 2009

We like an excuse to get out and have a good time encouraging you toward health and fitness. Thanks for involving your friends and family in our World Run Day 5k!


Long Beach Marathon 2009

You never cease to amaze us! We are so proud of the group of boot campers who stepped up and made their goals a reality this year. Way to go everyone! You rock!