2020 Nutrition W5: High Protein Breakfast

Dig Into a High Protein Breakfast – Challenge Week 5 

Including lean protein at each meal helps improve meal satisfaction, so you are less likely to be hungry (or hangry!) between meals. Eating a high protein breakfast is associated with…

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2020 Nutrition W4: Hydrate

Long Beach Boot Camp 

Nutrition Challenge Week 4 


Feeling dried out? Often we don’t drink as much water during the cooler months. However, our body still needs fluids to regulate body temperature, flush waste products, lubricate joins, assist with…

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2020 Exercise W4: Just Climb!

Hello Bootcampers!

This week we are going to climb! Stairs, curbs, benches  - anything! 

Perform the following exercises for 1 minute each day of the week Mon- Fri on your own or in bootcamp.

  1. step-ups or box jumps (step or…
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February Events

More than JUST a bootcamp

A LOT happening at Long Beach Boot Camp this month. From fitness sessions to mediation classes, muscle walks/jogs in Signal Hill, Valentine's Day Specials (2 for 1) to Mardi Gras, Margarita Day Bootcamp,

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2020 Nutrition W3- Smart Snacking

Smart Snacking 

A late morning or afternoon snack can be a great way to boost energy and nutrient intake. Or it can be a nutritional disaster (Super Bowl snacks, anyone?). Now that the game is over and week 2…

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Week 2 – Just Hold It! (Isometric exercises) 

In week 2 of our 2020 "Just Move" Challenge we are focusing on isometric exercises and in plain English that means exercises that don't require us to count repetitions. You…

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2020 Nutrition W2: Eat More Vegetables & Fruit

Eating more produce is one of the best things you can do for your health. Fruits and vegetables are packed with vitamins, minerals, water, fiber, and disease-fighting phytochemicals. For the most benefit, aim for a variety of brightly colored produce

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2020 Nutrition W1: Choose Your Own Adventure

“If you don’t know where you are going, how can you expect to get there?” – Basil S. Walsh 

Calling All Boot Campers! Let’s take a closer look at what you hope to accomplish during the five-week challenge. You will…

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2020 Exercise W1: "Just Move" Challenge Kickoff

Tomorrow (Monday 1/20) we're kicking off our 2020 5-week JUST MOVE challenge! This time it is not about how long you can hold that plank or how many bicycle crunches you can do... The goal of this one is to…

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Abs of Steel

Our Abs of Steel new bootcamp challenge is on! 

What is it?

We will be performing 4 core strengthening exercises each day Monday through Saturday (Sunday is a rest day) for 5 weeks. Every day we add a few more…

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30-Day Wall Sit Challenge is on!

Here we go! The 30-day wall sit challenge is on! Thanks to our fellow member, Christopher Espinoza.

You can do this ANYWHERE! At work, at home, on vacation, in a restaurant, in the park, anywhere.

Here is the full outline…

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100 Days of Fitness


by Lauren Squier, MPH, RD

Sodium & High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure increases the chance of heart attack and stroke. It’s called the silent killer, because many people don’t experience symptoms…

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