Whole Life Challenge Fall 2015

The Whole Life Challenge is a worldwide 8-week challenge to take control of your health & fitness level. We are proud to invite you to participate with us.

How It Works, Game Rules, How to Win, Prizes, Prelim/Final Event, Halfway Potluck, Group Workouts

How It Works (Overview)Seal-blue-Sept2015

  1. Join Team LBBC
    1. Sign-up for $39 Until Sept 5th, 2015
    2. Join Team LBBC
    3. Write down your goals for the challenge
  2. Select your Nutrition Level
    1. Kick Start – just getting started
    2. Lifestyle – looking for long term lifestyle program
    3. Performance – strictest level
  3. Take Your Preliminary Measurements
    1. A measurable workout
    2. Basic body measurements
      1. Weight or
      2. Body Fat % or
      3. Waist & Hips in inches
    3. Before photos
  4. Play the Game
    1. Get points for nutrition, exercise, stretching, water, supplements (vitamins), lifestyle & reflection
  5. Use the Daily Play Tab to record your score
    1. Enter your points online daily after 8pm until midnight the following night (28 hrs to add points).
  6. Take your Final Measurements
    1. Last Saturday of the game


Official Game Rules

Challenge Day 1 Pre-Game Snapshotweight-loss-2 (Prelims)

  • Body Measurements Sept 19th (2 Choices)
    • At LBBC Opening Day
    • On own
  • Workout Sept 19th 8am at Wilson High Quad

Challenge Day 2-56 Daily Game Play

  • Enter points daily (starting at 8pm daily until midnight the following night)
  • Eat WLC-compliant food. Nutrition Rules
  • Exercise for 10 minutes a day. Exercise Rules
  • Stretch for 10 minutes a day. Mobility Rules
  • Drink water (1/3 body weight in ounces each day) Water Rules.
  • Supplement of your choice (like fish oil, vitamin D, probiotics, a multivitamin, etc.) Rules.
  • Lifestyle habit, make it a part of your day. Rules. 
  • Reflection, write about how you did for the day. Rules.

Challenge Day 57 Post-Game Snapshot (Finals)

man's weight loss

  • Body Measurements
  • Workout

Visit the WLC website for more details


How Do I Win?

You “win” by taking control of your health by committing to an all-natural diet, regular exercise and a positive attitude. (If you’re interested in the prospect of winning prizes however, there are plenty of categories to win in!) We know you’ve been working your buns off! (Or building them up ? We want to show how proud we are, and award you with prizes fitting of your hard work. Stay tuned to learn what you can win! Prizes will be announced in the second half of the challenge.

Celebration Workout
Prizes will be awarded for:

1. First place overall + from each of 3 levels
2. Second Place overall + from each of 3 levels
3. Third Place overall + from each of 3 levels
4. Most Improved Workout Time
5. Most Spirit (voted by other campers)

Additionally: Weekly prizes will be awarded to various, unsuspecting WLC participants, so keep up the great work!

Weekly prize categories include: Most Points Earned, Best Boot Camp Attendance, Best Attitude, Most Facebook/Cyber Team Support and Funniest Reflection


Prelim Workout

Prelim Event

When: Saturday, September 19th, 2015
Where: Wilson High School

(Make up times to be listed)



Prelim Workout

Final Event

When: Saturday, November 14th 8am-9am
Where: Wilson High School

Make-up times for those who can’t attend:
To be announced.