Start with a Single Step

 The journey of 1,000 miles begins with a single step. -Lao Tzu

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Take a second and think about what this saying means to you.

This quote by Lao Tzu can be applied to a multitude of things. Anything that requires a first step as a matter fact. Today I want to apply it to your journey in fitness and in nutrition.

If you wait for things to happen, more often than not, nothing will happen. If you take initiative and take that first step, then the second and third will follow. Sometimes we look at the end result and it seems so far away. What we fail to realize is if we break it down, we are very capable of achieving it.

Now, as it applies to fitness and nutrition, we cannot do a 180 overnight. It requires a series of steps to achieve what we’re ultimately after. We have to take time and self evaluate where we are in our eating habits and our physical activity and map out our steps that lead to huge distances.

What is a small thing that we can change in our everyday diet that will provide results. Can we stop eating our favorite junk food? Are we drinking too much soda? Are our portions too big? Think of one thing we can cut out or cut back that isn’t healthy for us and is not getting us closer to our goals. Let’s focus on that. Once we have eliminated that problem, we can continue to the next one. And it doesn’t have to be avoiding that food or drink completely, it could just be cutting back to a reasonable level.

What about fitness? Can we walk a little more? Can we commit to one more bootcamp class a week? Can we look to others for inspiration? Find what drives you and go for it. Is it competitiveness? Is it being part of a community? Is it a little both or something else? Ultimately It’s all about doing a little more than yesterday. Your only competition is the person you used to be. And I don’t know about you, but I can kick who I used to be’s butt!!!

It truly is about taking steps. And remember, you may not have 1,000 miles to go, but small journeys start with a single step as well.

by Mike Gonzalez