Soul-Centered Life Coaching

By Sami Reed

Sami Reed_LBBC

What is a Soul-Centered Life Coach?

Recommended minimum 10 session package.
Sessions are 60 to 90  minutes via Skype.

Sami Reed’s Soul-Centered Life Coaching Program is designed to offer individuals the tools for learning to be responsible for her/his own reactions. Ultimately, healing is about loving the places inside that hurt. Sami facilitates this process through teaching a skill set that can be used on a daily basis, guided meditation, counseling, and self-realization projects. Sami is a facilitator of consciousness who assists clients in co-creating and experiencing greater success and fulfillment in their lives. Uncovering your highest potential is the ultimate freedom.

Skills and Objectives

  • Provides a solid foundation of soul centered skills realistic to the daily challenges of life (i.e., relationships, work life balance, letting go and addiction.
  • Becoming responsible for who you are by removing the victim role.
  • Forgiving yourself in allowance to move on and let go in order to create a more productive and inspiring life.
  • Empowering  yourself to make choices that bring you closer to who you want to be.
  • Discovering a path of healing through a unique process unconventional to traditional therapy.

How Do I Get Started?

Register for one of the Auto-Pay options below:

  • 1 session = $100
  • 5 sessions =  $95/per session
  • 10 sessions= $90/per session
  • 15 sessions = $85/per session
  • 20 sessions = $80/per session

What to Expect Once Registered:

  • A phone call from Sami to set up your coaching program.
  • To start your sessions ASAP.

You’re Invited!

Come Meet the Boot Camp Babies & Sami’s Back!

March 14, 2015

8am – 9am: Get your grove on with Timmie & Sami. They will be team-teaching a killer work out that you don’t want to miss. All you have to do is show up and they will do the rest! Sweating has never been so fun! Don’t be scared!!!

9am – 9:30am: Following the work out we are proud to introduce the newest members of our growing boot camp family.

  • Armando – Raya
  • Jo and Angie – Justice
  • Sami – Starla & Gia
  • Timmie – Luz & Olive
  • Shannon – Jai

9:30am – 10:30am: Sami is back and she is excited to see all of your beautiful faces!! She will share her personal experience of life transformation through Soul-Centered Life Coaching while incorporating the groundwork to manifesting your highest potential.


Who: Sami Reed

What: (a seminar) Manifest Your Highest Self and learn about the benefits of Soul-Centered Life Coaching

When: March 14, 2015 at 9:30am following Saturday Boot Camp class and Come Meet the Boot Camp Babies.

Where: Wilson High School (classroom TBD).

Why:  To become all that you can be (and catch up with Sami).