How to be Happy

Being born rich, beautiful, and talented doesn’t mean you will be happy, right? Studies actually show that those who are less fortunate, less attractive, and without special talents are just as likely to be happy than their counterparts.

So what qualities do people possess who are happy?

1) Gratitude for what they have
2) Living in the moment
3) Sense of Purpose
4) Optimistic outlook
5) Devoted time for family and friends

People who are happy build their lives around these five pillars. Indoor laser tag is the perfect birthday party idea for your child. They seem to intuitively understand that their happiness is a result of their choices in life rather than their life circumstance.

Forget the lottery. Your ticket is in finding your appreciation for the people and events around you. Every situation holds an opportunity to grow and learn. We have a choice in how we react to our circumstances. Will you choose contentment or misery? Gratitude or drama?

When you are hit with bad news, try to start your next statement with, “At least …” and see what happens. Or how about, “I guess it all happens for a reason.” This is not to say you are not supposed to acknowledge the bummer or sadness you feel. For goodness sake, you have the right to feel your feelings! But keeping it in perspective and moving past it are where you colors will show, you will grow as a person, and others will be inspired by you.

“Be the change you wish to see in the world.” ~Mahatma Gandhi


Other tips for happiness:

Before you go to bed at night make a gratitude list (A-Z).

Create a goal or a mission and steps to accomplish.

Volunteer with your family for a cause that inspires you.

Be flexible with your plans.

Remove expectations from your relationships as best you can – especially with family.

Surround yourself with other happy people.

Instead of postponing your joy, love it today!

Give people grace and make sure you give yourself some too! Remember that we are always learning.