Go the Extra Mile


I ran my first mile with the Extra Mile Club last week.
(If you don’t know the Extra Mile Club, read about the founders of the club in my post here.)
After 3 miles running the bleachers, and doing strength training in between, we ran another mile around the track.
It’s probably not something I would have done on my own.
But when there are fit friends standing there, encouraging (harassing) you to join in, it is easy to say yes.
That mile went fast and I felt great when it was done!

I was so inspired by that extra mile that I called my Boot Camp and running buddy, Susan, to see if she wanted to run with me before class on Saturday morning.
She did, and we got in a quick 3 miles in the rain.
When we were done, I asked her, “do we have to go to Boot Camp now?”
She said she was going, so, of course, I went too.
And once again, I felt great when it was all over.

This idea of doing more after (or before) I’ve already done a workout, is new to me.
I mean, isn’t an hour of class enough?
But if I can do a little bit more, why not?
Especially right now when I am trying to get my body back in shape after the holidays and to prepare for my next half marathon.
I need to push myself.
I need to go the extra mile.

So after Boot Camp on Monday morning I decided to run an extra 2 miles.
I had a half hour before my husband needed to go to work, so I hurried.
I ran those 2 miles in 20 minutes, a faster pace than I’ve done in a while.
I felt fantastic when it was over!
An improved pace, 2 extra miles after a boot camp class, and I did it without anyone’s encouragement but my own!
I celebrated with a big glass of water and all those positive endorphins fueling me through the day.


So what will your extra mile look like?
Will you up your weights?
Run a lap in class instead of walk it?
Will you go to bleachers or run the hill for the first time?
Or maybe you’ll get back to class after taking a break.
Whatever it is, know I’m right there with you, cheering you on, and feeling the same things you are.
It’s hard, but we can do it!
Go the extra mile!

Now keep on Living Fit!