Ch Ch Ch Changes

What changes do you notice in yourself since beginning Boot Camp?



Your core isn’t the only thing that is stronger! Your shoulders are starting to increase the sculpted look in your arms, and those biceps are budding beautifully. Your legs are tighter, your butt a little more lifted & your calves have the hill to thank for their definition.


You can actually get through your day without that lull! The paradox is paying off – who knew that spending more energy could mean receiving more energy?! Continue to invest in your health & fitness. Dividends await.


Whether it’s strength or aerobic exercises, you can do everything a bit faster. Your mile time is sure to shave off some serious seconds to prove it to you. Get ready for Assessment Day to have some positive reinforcement for all your hard work!


We are always preaching balance in our workouts – so much so that we could be called Balance Boot Camp! Ok, so maybe not the best name for a fitness program, but you know that your balance has improved right along side your strength & core work. You may have had an imbalance or pain, but since you were consistent with your foam roller stretching routines before & after class, you have noticed an improvement. You are also balancing your diet with nutritious whole foods. You are balancing the give & take; consuming &  burning; self discipline & forgiving yourself when you fall short. You are finally balancing your dedication to others & your dedication to yourself.


Did you ever think you would be able to do the things that you have accomplished so far in class? Believing in yourself is the best feeling anyone could hope for, and here you are knowing that you can. You can do more, be more, live more, because this positive mentality will get you wherever you want to be. You deserve this as much as anyone else does.


Trust me, your friends, family & coworkers like this new you, and don’t want you to go a day without your exercise. Your mood is lifted when you can get to Boot Camp and cleanse your body of the day’s stress. This makes you more fun & less irritable. Besides, it’s just easier to love someone when they love themselves, which is what you do every time you put in a hard workout.


There is nothing like a little success to breed the desire for more. Keep setting your sights on realistic expectations to help you continue on your journey towards your ultimate goal. Be inspired by those along side of you in class, reaching for their version of happiness. We are a team focused on the common goal of fitness, and we will encourage one another as we make bigger & better strides towards who we were meant to be.


Now that you have had a taste, you know what it takes. You will stay focused & give it everything you can to get it. Keep peeling back the layers that have prevented you from reaching it in the past. Understand your behaviors, your triggers, what discourages you and how to pick yourself back up so you know you will never find yourself back at square 1. You are progressing, moving forward, saying hello to a new day & a new you.



Say goodbye to the cortisol built up in your system over the stress with your family, job & friends. Sweat it out & let it go. Your next hour of power awaits you.


When you are at Boot Camp, all you need to think about is your workout – your form, keeping up your heart rate & paying attention to your trainer to see what exercise is next. Your mind is not at your job while you are at Boot Camp. You are where you need to be, when you need to be there. Living in the moment. You have learned that worrying is a waste of time over things that may never come to pass. For peace of mind you have resigned as general manager of the universe & decided to cross a bridge when you come to it. Afterall, you can’t wring your hands and roll up your sleeves at the same time!

Sleep Problems

You have no problem getting your rest with a good workout under your day’s belt. You crash out as soon as you hit the pillow, and wake up ready to take on the day.

Fear of Failure

With so much success, how can you be anything but excited to take on a new challenge? You have a purpose & you have our support. Make it happen. You can do it!

Self Doubt

You may have doubted yourself in the past, but you are starting to realize that if you simply do as your trainer says, you really can reach your goals. Believing in yourself is the best gift you could have ever given yourself. Continue to invest in yourself & define new limits.


Whether you think you can, or think you can’t, you’re right! Attitude makes for a self-fulfilling prophecy – good news, since your positive attitude will continue to help you get closer to your goals! You aren’t being held back by what you can’t do, but focusing on what you can do. You are getting it done, believing in yourself, and making the most of every moment. Keep on keepin on. Enjoy the journey. We are so happy to see your every day successes in class.