Beachcomber’s 2018 “Best of” Contest


Cast Your Vote 


The Beachcomber newspaper is running a 2018 ‘Best Of Long Beach’ contest and we want to take a shot at WINNING it!


The good: NO big, nation-wide chains are allowed to participate (no 24 HR Fitness, etc.), it’s all about local businesses.
The bad: well… the technology didn’t seem to catch up with the paper yet…no online voting (at least not right now) so the only way to cast a vote is to fill out a ballot by hand and send it in (ballots must be received by Feb 28).
(we have an update on this! pdf form available – see below the link)


You could fill out as few as one name (we’re under FITNESS – ATHLETIC CLUB category), however, if you want to qualify for prizes, 15 votes would be the minimum. The newspaper also requires full name to avoid duplications and to distribute prizes.


We will have ballots available to fill out, if you have a moment after bootcamp, we would be honored to have your vote.


A PDF version of  Best of Long Beach ballot is available by clicking HERE . It is an editable PDF form that can be completed and emailed to BEACHCOMBER at:  NO later than February 28, 2018.

Vote for other LBBCampers too!

See below the list of campers you could support in the categories listed on the ballot:


Jennifer Schutt – real estate
Hamsa Khzam – real estate
Natalie Schutt – photographer
Marriage Therapist : Karen Konclin
Business Attorney: David Danny
Personal Trainer – you have a few names to pick from … ?
Other Services:
Nutritionist – Lauren Squier
Health Coach – Erin Riordan


We need to populate the above list so email, call or text ASAP your name & category on the ballot

Let’s WIN it Team! ♥♥♥

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