100’s Workout – For Whole Life Challenge


Start Your Timer When You Start this Workout.

Between each of the 10 exercises below run 1 lap (.1 of a mile or 528 Feet)

100 – Squats (with weights)100's Workout

90 – Crunches (hands behind head)

80 – Walking Lunges (wight weights – each leg counts as 1)

70 – Standing Back Row (with a band – wrap around a pole)

60 – Mountain Climbers (a pair of legs counts as 1)

50 – Overhead Tricep Extensions (with a band)

40 – Squat Jumps (keep weight in your heals, do not lean forward, keep back flat)

30 – Flat Man Burpees (Jump Squat – Plank – lay on the floor arms out like a “T” – Plank – Stand Up)

20 – Leg Lifts (lay on back, keep hands under hips – with straight legs lift both legs from the floor to a straight up 90 degree position, lower and repeat)

10 – 100 meter sprints ( 328 feet)

Stop the Timer when you finish this workout!

Record you score on your profile page in the Whole Life Challenge website.

Good Luck!!