Sami Reed

Sami Reed_LBBCSami Reed’s offers individuals the tools for learning to be responsible for her/his own reactions. Ultimately, healing is about loving the places inside that hurt. Sami facilitates this process through teaching a skill set that can be used on a daily basis, guided meditation, counseling, and self-realization projects.

Sami has her Masters in Spiritual Psychology, a Bachelors Degree in Business with an emphasis in Marketing, as well as being an Apex Certified Nutrition Specialist, and a Certified Personal Trainer through the prestigious National Academy of Sports Medicine. Sami believes in a mind, body, spirit connection and she can often be heard saying, ” To be fit on the outside, you must also be fit on the inside.”

Sami is a facilitator of consciousness who assists clients in co-creating and experiencing greater success and fulfillment in their lives. Uncovering your highest potential is the ultimate freedom.