“Levels” Fitness Improvement Training

1 x Month we will challenge your overall strength, agility, balance, endurance and speed!
Starting with your current level of fitness and improving each month.

Get The Answers You Have Been Looking For!

  1. How do I get out of my plateau?
  2. Where should I be physically for my age and weight?
  3. How fast should I be able to run a mile in?
  4. Can I run faster than I do now?
  5. What size weights should I use in class?
  6. Am I ready to bump up to the next level of weights?
  7. Do I have good form so that I won’t injury myself in the future?

What Will Levels Help You Identify?

  1. Where you are now (starting point)
  2. How much you have improved from the beginning
  3. What you can shoot for as your new goal!

Your trainer will help guide you through this process. Class is one hour and 15 minutes in length. If this is your first month with us, you have already completed the first round! Your attendance in class qualifies as your completion of Round 1. Make sure you go to Levels to receive your decoration. To test for Round 2 – 10, schedule your Levels class using the live schedule. Upon completion of each round, you will receive the next decoration!

How Many Rounds Are There?

There are 10 Rounds and 2 Bonus rounds

How Do I Know What Level I Should Start At?

We all start in the same round. Once you join Boot Camp you already qualify to complete Round 1! From there you will test for Round 2 at the end of your first month. Once you complete Round 2 you can advance to Round 3 in the following month. Each round is more and more challenging. The rounds become harder to match your ever changing level of fitness.

What Do The Levels Look Like?

Each round will have a guided warm up and stretch prior to testing. There will be 10 exercises (minimum) & cardio that you must complete in under 1 hour. Upon completion you can advance to the next round (the following month).

I Feel Like I’m At A Plateau OR I Am Really Out Of Shape, Is The Levels Class For Me?

YES & YES, this Levels class is exactly for you.  Levels or Fitness Improvement Training implies that your level of fitness is improving and will take time, via training. Just like training for a new job, or training for an event, we all require training to excel in the area we learning. Therefore, if you are feeling like you are at a plateau or that you are not in shape, get yourself signed up for the Levels class and see:

  • Where you are now (starting point)
  • How much you have improved from the beginning
  • What you can shoot for as your new goal!

The training that you are doing all month long will help you excel in each round.

What Is The Cost Of The Levels Class?

It counts as a class, so if you have purchased classes, it will be deducted from your regular class package or unlimited membership. If you would like to sign up for this day and you have not purchased any classes, you will need to purchase at least one class. Register Now

When Is The Levels Class?

Each Levels class will be held on the last Saturday of the month. Check our schedule and sign up for your Level today!

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