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    Yes, I Really Do Like To Exercise

    Posted on May 22, 2015 by in Living Fit

    If you spend any time around me, or follow me on social media, you know I like to exercise. I am not quiet about it, because I love it so much. But sometimes, people still don’t believe me. Recently one of my friends asked me, somewhat incredulously, “so you really like to exercise?  Really?” I [...]

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    3 Cheers for Bernice!

    Posted on April 30, 2015 by in Living Fit, Uncategorized

    On Monday night my friend Bernice ran her first mile without stopping. 6 months ago when she started Boot Camp she couldn’t run at all. And now she has run a whole mile at once! Isn’t that awesome?!! With regular, Boot Camp attendance and hard work, Bernice has also gone from being on 3 blood [...]

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    Start with a Single Step

    Posted on April 21, 2015 by in Nutrition Blog

     The journey of 1,000 miles begins with a single step. -Lao Tzu Take a second and think about what this saying means to you. This quote by Lao Tzu can be applied to a multitude of things. Anything that requires a first step as a matter fact. Today I want to apply it to your [...]

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    Strong is the New Skinny!

    Posted on April 1, 2015 by in Living Fit

    Confession: I don’t love my arms. Most of the time, when I see them, I just think they are fat. I’ll never forget the day when I was 16, trying on saris in India, struggling to get the fashionable, very tight, sleeves over my arms. As I pulled, the auntie squeezed my arm with her fingers [...]

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    How Many Burpees in a Cheeseburger

    Posted on March 25, 2015 by in Living Fit

    I have loved food since I was a child. I loved the preparing of it, the ritual of it, and even though I was often picky, I still loved eating it. I loved the beauty and comfort of food. I loved the romance of making things from scratch, of going outside to pick oranges off my own tree, and then squeezing them for juice for breakfast.

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    A Living Fit Recipe: Tomatillo Salsa

    Posted on March 18, 2015 by in Living Fit

    I haven’t shared a recipe with you all in quite a while. It seems about time, so I’m sharing a current favorite in my house: Tomatillo Salsa.

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  • Seasonal Fruit

    Nutrition: Eating for the Season

    Posted on March 13, 2015 by in Nutrition Blog

    Benefits of eating for the season: Less Expensive – when you purchase items that are in season. No one had to grow the More Nutrients – Not Shipped from 1000’s of miles away. Better for the environment – reducing the carbon foot print Better Tasting – Not bruised, squishy & tired from being crated for [...]

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    Slow Down, but Don’t Stop–Coming Back From an Injury

    Posted on March 13, 2015 by in Living Fit

    January was a great month for me fitness wise. I decided to jump right into my fitness routine after a 3 month stretch of injury recovery, stress eating, and finding my husband’s full time work and grad school schedule did not allow much time for me to work out.

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    Welcome Back Timmie!

    Posted on March 5, 2015 by in Living Fit

    It’s been just over a month since Timmie Cordova came back to boot camp as a trainer. And we couldn’t be happier! Timmie is known for her hard workouts. She pushes her campers beyond what they think they can do.

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  • Bixby Knolls

    Benefits of Shopping at the Farmers Market

    Posted on March 4, 2015 by in Long Beach Boot Camp News

    Two things we love to do here at Long Beach Boot Camp are eat healthy and support local friends and family businesses who encourage healthy living too. Farmers Markets are a great way to combine our two passions! Read on here to learn about the other benefits of shopping local.

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