Kevin Andersen

Kevin Andersen earned a Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies from UC Riverside. Kevin chose UC Riverside for its academic reputation as well as the opportunity to play on an excellent basketball team. His athletic background and passion has always centered on basketball. Kevin was an outstanding player in high school and college. He then went on to play professionally in Australia. As captain of both his college and professional teams, he was able to demonstrate his leadership abilities. His hard work was rewarded by his being voted the MVP on both teams. Kevin coached professional basketball in Australia.

Through sports he learned the value of teamwork, injury prevention and recovery, and goal setting. By setting individual, measurable, and attainable goals, Kevin ensures that his boot campers will be the best they can be. His favorite quote is, “What lies behind us and what lies before us are small matters compared to what lies within us.”

Kevin believes in keeping workouts challenging and fun while everyone progresses at their own pace. He incorporates the use of Dynamic Stretching which uses speed of movement, momentum and active muscular effort to bring about a stretch. Dynamic Stretching is useful before exercise and has been shown to reduce muscle tightness. He is certified by the American Heart Association in basic life support.

Kevin is also an elementary school teacher. When not in the classroom, he enjoys golfing, basketball, running, bowling, and chasing around his 9 year old daughter. He loves outdoor activities as well as soaking up the sun, making the Long Beach Boot Camp the perfect match for him.

PLEASE CALL: 0439 675 6888 (043 WORKOUT)
Classes are held in Devonport, Tasmania