About Us

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide an enjoyable atmosphere which promotes health and wellness. We strive to offer safe and effective workouts, to educate on how to incorporate local and fresh foods to fuel your body, and to raise your self-awareness  to enjoy a fulfilled life.

Our History

During the course of Shannon’s career she kept coming across people with pain, from minor aches and pains to more major issues such as herniated discs. Shannon wanted to help these people achieve their fitness goals while achieving a pain free life. In all of her schooling though, she had always been told to send people to the doctor or physical therapist for their pain. The only problem was the clients would typically end up moving less in daily life due to taking time off or becoming immobilized. She was tired of sending people away to live a life of little movement. So she started to do some research and found Titus Motion Therapy. Frank Titus created this therapy over 13 years ago. His therapy consists of exercise in very specific, precise movement patterns to eliminate pain, not manage it!

Shannon was very pleased to have come across such a great method of exercise therapy.

Today, Shannon Paul has taken the fitness boot camp to the next level. She has created a program that combines the best in fitness training with therapeutic exercises designed to improve posture, fitness level and eliminate pain. In today’s society, the evolution of technology has fostered a sedentary lifestyle — computers, television and driving are a few of the reasons that human bodies are no longer as active as in the past. One result of this inactivity is poor posture–a culprit of many chronic ailments. Long Beach Boot Camp utilizes the Titus Motion Therapy model to challenge people to turn away from the sedentary societal norms, and begin living a healthy, balanced and active lifestyle. At Long Beach Boot Camp we use specific exercises to align the body’s posture and remind it of its innate blueprint for health and fitness through motion. These exercises emphasize balance and flexibility and generate strength, weight loss, alignment, and much more…

When your body is out of alignment, muscle imbalances begin to develop causing unwanted aches and pains. Other joints try to compensate in an effort to reduce the pain or dysfunction. Walking, running, jogging, or riding a bike with this compensation pattern can cause further destruction to joints throughout your body. We have all been sore after a hard workout! If that soreness is more extreme on one side of your body than the other, you are experiencing an imbalance. These wear patterns and imbalances spill over to your everyday activities and adventures–from work, to play, to relaxation. We train your muscles properly to realign your posture so that your work, play and relaxation can be as enjoyable as they can be without resulting in injury.

*Long Beach Boot Camp incorporates a few TMT exercises to insure that proper alignment is being achieved throughout camp. If you are interested in learning more about TMT or would like to go through the 9-week course to become pain free without surgery, drugs etc. please contact 310.753.2011.